N00b of Clandestein is an IP by created and designed by Pio Canlas that was primarily created as a traditional roleplaying game. In it, players assume the role of a patient undergoing Interactive Treatment or simply assuming an identity as a player in an otherworldly virtual reality "MMOE" called the "Aetha" but also takes periodic breaks in their real world known simply as the "Real" to interact with their present situation, the Clinic the oversees their games, tend to real life obligations , or confront obstacles in the real world that have profound effect on their gameplay in the Aetha and vice versa.

The Real

Though loosely based on a future where quantum computing has gone mainstream, the year of the setting spans from 2032 to 2132ad of this world. During such it follows the construction of the TransPacific SuperHighway, the establishment of the Calendar Islands, and the beginnings of virtual reality gaming and the first applications of Interactive Treatment. Depending on which decade the game takes place in, a key historic event colors the campaign in the background and affects the sessions in the Aetha. Players traverse the two realities by way of virtual reality glasses called the "Overlays", Identifying "Pings" and sleeping. There, they may experience 24 hours of the Aetha while sleeping roughly 6-8 hours in the Real.

The Aetha


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